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blood didn't make them brothers but the journey did
JULY 31, 2018

I highly recommend watching Last Chance U for all my diehard college football fans. Last Chance U is a Netflix docu-series which showcase football players who’ve been either kicked out of D1 league colleges, couldn’t get accepted due to low performance in school work, or just coming for more or better college opportunities. 


I remember talking in a previous post about how the drive and ambition of a player is what makes college football more exciting to watch. Now do you think for JUCO products their drive is more amplified? I think so, for the one of the sole reasons of being put back on track to either be D1 or D2 bound or other various reasons.

The last two seasons were at EMCC, East Mississippi Community College out in Scooba, Mississippi. This team has been Last Chance U’s main focus but there was criticism about the head coach, Buddy Stephens, of being too brute to his players. With the arrest of former running back, Isiah Wright and the leaving of beloved athletic academic counselor, Brittany Wagner. There were a lot of changes and heart string pulling moments.


This season it’s about a new team, coach, and location. Independence Community College in Independence, Kansas with new head coach Jason Brown. Brown shows us how he turns a team who were use to losing into champions. I was skeptical of the new environment and faces of this season but Last Chance U made no disappointments with this season either. You will witness the brotherhood, the determination, and the skills these players have on the field.

The players all have a story to tell and a few players with obstacles still in their way, what I've witnessed was how these obstacles matured these players at ICC. With that being said, playing at a junior college will make you an open minded thinker. 


To sum this whole series up, both coaches even if some don’t agree can actually see the potential and skill set of these athletes and mold them into more. Both are strong minded coaches, scares sensitive audience with their swearing, and both bring home championships. Can’t wait to tune in next year for another season of Indy’s football team.