March 19th, 2020

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken full effect on our everyday lives already. The schools have closed, most jobs have shut down, airlines shutting down, and grocery stores being empty. So now that 80 percent of the American population is in quarantine, we can watch sports for entertainment.


Even sporting events and games are either postponing or suspending seasons. 

The NBA has suspended the 2020 season; the NCAA March Madness tournament is cancelled; the MLB cancels spring training, and plans on postponing the season as well; the NHL cancels the season; the PGA tour cancels their events and postpones their Master's tournament. 

The MLS suspends games for a month, and lastly, NASCAR has an attendance restriction. COVID-19 has caused quite the inconvenience for not just athletes, but for the regular joe. Although, there shouldn't be as much hysteria being caused right now. I believe that if everyone tries to distance themselves from each other, we might be able to resume to back to normal. Superstar athletes such as Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets), Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz), Christian Wood (Detroit Pistons), and Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz; also the first confirmed athlete) were confirmed positive for the virus and has been advised to isolate and self-quarantine themselves, to lower the chance of others contracting the illness. 

Personally, I don't find the virus too threatening but I'm part of the demographic who has a higher chance of recovery/survival compared to the older generation. This virus has caused quite a disturbance in society and it's called a halt in everyone's day-to-day routine. With that being said, until we find out in a couple or few weeks to see if this surreal moment in history will get better, can society function with sport reruns and restricted sporting events till then?