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making a promise to better the next generation
JULY 30, 2018

LeBron James Raymone Sr., from Akron, Ohio has made the dreams of troubled or under-privileged children come true. James finally opened the I Promise School for at-risk children on July 30th, 2018 who are falling short of their education due to the distractions at the homes of these children. James has made it clear that these children should have equal opportunity to succeed in this world. LeBron James’ non-profit organization “LeBron James Family Foundation” made it their mission to help the community of Akron and the surrounding areas as well. In 2011, James funded the “Wheels for Education” program and in 2015, pledge to pay for over 1,000 students to attend college. This opening for this school was nothing short of James being a kind-hearted individual. Everyone loves to hate on James, may try to discredit his athletic abilities, or his decisions regarding towards his career, but this man should never hear that he hasn’t contributed to his hometown Akron.


The school will be operating longer than normal schools to help catch the students up who might be behind. There are services that helps benefits the parents and students. There are job placement assistance to help parents who are struggling to find one, and a food bank where parents will be allowed to pick out to make meals at home. There are activities there to make sure students don’t have too much idle time to get into trouble. Once the students are enrolled and are present on their first day, they will receive a bicycle because James has stated how his bike saved him from getting into trouble.