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An Uproar During the US Open 


Since the age of three Serena Williams has always been playing tennis. Williams is one the most influential athletes in America and quite honestly the world. Recently, Williams was caught in the controversy between her and the US Open umpire during her match with Naomi Osaka. The umpire, Carlos Ramos handed Williams three violations in the second set of the game. A warning in regards of coaching, a point penalty for breaking her racket, and lastly a game penalty for calling the umpire a “thief.” 


Williams has always been a voice for feminism and she accuses the umpire of sexism because, she has stated that she has “seen men call umpires worst things and barely receive a penalty.” Ultimately, Williams did lose the match to Osaka but she could care less about winning or losing the match. The frustrations comes from the umpire presumably making her out to be a cheater. Coming from a woman who is tested more than other tennis athletes male and female. Where the US Open banned her from wearing her one piece ensemble, which she wears for medical reasons because child birth can be life or death for some mothers. Yet, she graciously takes the high road from all of that. 


I don’t personally think it was because she was a woman or because she’s a black woman either. Serena Williams is what people will label as the GOAT; Greatest of all time! I also think it’s quite unfair for people to negatively look at Williams like a bitter and jealous person. I think it’s the same reason why people hate LeBron James. How in the world can you hate LeBron James? It’s easier to hate the most talented or well-rounded person there is than to like them. You will be hated or dislike because of your talent and the way you carry yourself. 


Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou has admitted to coaching and even pointed out that other tennis coaches, coach their players on the sidelines but won’t receive a warning or penalty. Also, she can’t deny that she broke her tennis racket as well. Overall, Williams was more frustrated that she was going to be branded a cheater and that’s a lot more upsetting that being called a crybaby in my book. Both Osaka and Williams’ moment was ruined by the whole situation followed by the booing crowd afterwards. 


I just wonder since Naomi Osaka beat someone who is known as the best in the sport, will she also suffer from the same humiliation that Serena Williams has later on?